Recent Product Domain Sales From Around The Marketplaces

June 8, 2011 · 1 Comment  

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The following product domain names sold over the past couple weeks from around the marketplaces. Interesting to note that Piano Accessories domain is already built out as a full fledged ecommerce store. $66,000 $50,000 $12,000 $10,099 $8,000 $6,400 $4,501 $4,100 $1,605 $1,280

One Response to “Recent Product Domain Sales From Around The Marketplaces”

  1. Karl Jackson on June 8th, 2011 4:57 pm

    It’s great to see that 2 and 3 word domain are climbling into the $10K categories more and more frequently. The more sense they make the higher the price because more searches are made and the sales conversions will be higher.

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