PowermatDigital.com Gets It, Acquires Powermat.com And Rebrands Before Launching Advertising Blitz

October 15, 2009 · Leave a Comment  

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The new Powermat wireless charging product is advertising¬† all over television and the internet lately. I decided to look into the domain they are using in their advertisements, Powermat.com. Looking at the dmoz open directory project you can see that the company used to use PowematDigital.com (now forwards to Powermat.com) for their site and Powermat.com was used for a solar swimming pool heating systems company. The whois record for Powermat.com was last changed 08/07/2009 I assume that is when the acquisition took place. Interestingly enough on Powermat.com’s inner pages footer they are linking to the new domain for the solar swimming pool heating company h2otsun.com that used to own the domain. That linking condition must of been part of the transaction – probably a good deal for both companies.


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