Half Of The Top 10 Domain Sales Of 2009 Were Product Domain Names

January 8, 2010 · Leave a Comment  

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Toys.com $5,100,000
Candy.com $3,000,000
Fly.com $1,760,000
Auction.com $1,700,000
Ticket.com $1,525,000
Russia.com $1,500,000
Call.com $1,100,000
Webcam.com $1,020,000
Server.com $770,000
Luck.com $675,000

With 2009 finally complete a look back at the top 10 domain sales of the year reveals that half of the domain names sold were product domains selling for a total of $11,415,000. The remaining domains sold can be broken down into service related, geographic, and luck.com which could be classified as anything.


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