5 Reasons Why Product Domains Matter

September 15, 2009 · Leave a Comment  

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1. Targeted Traffic: Type-in traffic is one the best reasons to own a product domain, the traffic is essentially free and very targeted. Users typing in a product domain into their address bar already knows what they want and are ready to buy – they just need the means to do so.

2. Marketing: What’s easier to remember and to market TinasCuteBabyRattles.com or BabyRattles.com?

3. Trust: Similar to marketing, trust amongst customers is hard to achieve with a name nobody recognizes – buying baby rattles from BabyRattles.com conveys trust and makes sense to a consumer.

4. Beat the competition: If you don’t own the generic domain for your product somebody else will – they will then be seen as the authority in the space. Product domains are just like real estate there is only one.

5. ROI: Money. All the above equates to more money in your pocket.


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