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November 17, 2009 · Leave a Comment 

Watching television the other night I saw Rubbermaid using to promote their new product line of storage containers that feature lids that snap together and snap to the bottom of the container it fits. The domain name 302 redirects to their main site located here:
Good to see yet another company understand that owning [...]

October 5, 2009 · Leave a Comment 

Much like Arm & Hammer’s Spinbrush, Scrubbing Bubbles is marketing their Automatic Shower Cleaner product with the exact match domain name. Owning the product domain helps them own the space from all other automatic shower cleaners that exist now or the ones that may come out in the future from other manufacturers. This also puts them [...]

September 22, 2009 · Leave a Comment 

Arm & Hammer is launching their new spinning toothbrush product named the Spinbrush and can be found at The new product name and the matching domain is vital to Arm & Hammer branding their new product. Spinbrush is a trademarked term first registered in January 2001, the domain was first registered in January [...]